Chip & Seal Pave­ment Treat­ment

SBL Trucking Inc. is qualified to perform residential and commercial Chip & Seal. Chip & Seal is a process that uses the combination of a road that is prepared and graded and a surface treatment that consists of an aggregate bound in place with an asphalt emulsion chip oil.

There are several benefits of Chip Sealing
  • A maintenance-free, beautiful appearance
  • Cost-effective and durable
  • Superior traction and improves surface texture
  • Perfect for new roads or resurfacing
  • Excellent weatherproofing – seals small cracks and imperfections
  • Gives new life to weathered surfaces
  • Protects the underlying pavement from traffic wear, aging, and oxidation
  • Eliminates dust, the need to reapply more stone, gain or restore skid resistance, and seals the surface to prevent water from getting into the subgrade and base

sbl-trucking Chip & Seal paving-zanesville
Advantages of Choosing a Chip & Seal over Asphalt Drive
  • Usually costs 1/3 less than asphalt driveways
  • can be driven on immediately after the job completion
  • unique look from other driveways
  • excellent skid resistant in slick conditions
  • easy to repair if a problem area should arise

Depending on the amount of traffic and condition of your original subgrade, Chip & Seal will last approximately 5-10 years and is easily reapplied to continue to give you years of attractive and reliable driveway surface.

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