Dura Patch Asphalt Repair

SBL Trucking Inc. specializes in Dura Patch application. Dura Patch is an instant-cold applied permanent asphalt repair material that will perform comparable to hot-laid madacam. It has been proven worldwide as a permanent asphalt repair solution in all types of climates.

Dura Patch will provide permanent repair for potholes, utility cuts, patches, and small road repairs for residential and commercial properties. SBL Trucking Inc. installs and compacts the Dura Patch in layers to achieve the required pavement thickness.

The process for installing Dura Patch is as follows
The area is cleaned by removing any loose debris and ensure that the foundation is compacted.
A 30mm layer of the product is put into the affected area.
The product is then compacted using a hand tamper or vibratory compactor.
Repeat steps 2 & 3 until required thickness is achieved.
Repair is complete and the area can be trafficked immediately.

Bonuses to using this product are that it is 100% recyclable, produces no waste, and is extremely cost effective. It also reduces road-close time as it can be driven on immediately after being installed; no more waiting for days for new asphalt to dry before you can reopen the road. SBL Trucking is ready to fix your pothole repairs or cover your permanent road.

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